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Waste Management

Keeping businesses and communities clean since 2000.
Leaders in Waste Management, SOLV provides economically efficient, eco-friendly, and socially responsible waste management services.

Total Facilities Management

SOLV understands that your brands’ image is also reflected in your businesses ability to have a functional and sculpted environment. We provide the best in business care by not just improving your facilities’ look and feel, but also leaving a space that echoes your business’s core values.

Manpower Solutions

SOLV acknowledges that the quality of the employees of a company can determine its strength and efficiency.
We support companies in multiple industries through effective workforce solutions by providing highly qualified and skilled professionals of diverse specializations employed according to clients’ specific needs.

Embracing sustainability and innovation for value creation.

Identifying the needs of businesses and communities, and using innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to address those needs appropriately, satisfy ecological growth, and create beneficial values for all stakeholders.

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